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Ilana's Bedroom - 2 ways

I found a neat little kilim that is both the perfect size for Ilana's room and the best feminine faded pastel colors. The problem with Ilana is that she cannot handle change. Not one item can be swapped out in her domaine. Clearly she was born to the wrong mom since both Alec and Lev know not to get too attached to any piece or arrangement in the house.


First I eased her into it by layering the rug she is used to over the "offending" kilim. I paired it with a sweet pastel kantha throw on her bed.


On the sly I replaced the shag rug with a sheepskin rug so the pattern of the kilim below can really shine.  But the floor maintains a soft feel underfoot. I tried out this supersoft peach and mint Mexican blanket (so 80s, what's not to love) on the bed.


End result - the trickery sort of worked. The kilim was suspiciously accepted. But that Mexican blanket I found in a crumpled pile in the hall. Hey, you can't win them all. I have to let her have her space.

Natalie MyersComment