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In the Studio

When I don't blog for a  long stretch its because I am buried. Which is good for me and Veneer, but maybe bad for interested blog readers. I have been getting really amazing job requests lately and at the moment they are all in the implementation stage so I can take a breath and fill you in on what I have been designing. 

Corporate Work - there are two offices under construction right now. Its funny that I haven't gotten any corporate interiors work since I went freelance when that was all I used to do. I dusted off those cobwebs to bring two office spaces into fruition at around the same time.

A solar panel company's showroom and work space in the Valley. On a tight budget and schedule, I had a lot of free reign to do what I wanted in a large warehouse space. Let's talk BIG graphic murals, industrial touches like barn doors and concrete floors, and professional polish to attract visitors to the showroom.

2) The corporate offices of a real estate investment firm. The look is as high end and sophisticated as the clientele but as edgy and youthful as its staff. My direction: business diner in pink Converse. How fun is that? The team spends many late nights in the office and the goal was to make them feel at home with lots of comfortable seating, plush rugs, and personal knick knacks laying about like art books and clocks. 


  1. In a week's time I will be shooting this rad house in Santa Monica. The canvas is modern and white. The house is a second home for a British pilot who loves retro mod LA. He is flying back to the UK in mid-May and we only had about 5 weeks from his arrival to accomplish design development through installation. Its been a fun whiplash inducing ride. More details on this one in about a week. Its going to be his happy place - a relaxed vacation house that he will look forward to visiting a few times a year.
  2. There is also SCSH, my investor clients who have been behind Veneer since its inception. They continue to develop student rental housing near USC and whenever they acquire a new property they call on me to make it interesting and edgy to catch the students' attention. Right now we are doing two pretty cool projects: a traditional Victorian with a modern twist of black, white, and gray palette and new construction townhomes with very peculiar bathrooms.

There are few more smaller projects happening and one really big multi million dollar build starting up. The above will be photographed soon(ish) so I thought it would be fun to share with you so you can follow along as they progress. Thanks for your patience.