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Santa Monica 3 - The Bedrooms

To me, the bedrooms are the most interesting part of the house and where things got really juicy. To be honest, I was a bit surprised by how adventurous R was willing to go, yet the rooms were kept pretty simple. Let me explain.


I have been very cautious to use wallpaper in the past since its such a big commitment. What if the client gets sick of the pattern and then is stuck with it. Plus its really hard for me to find patterns that I don't think are cheesy. For this house, wallpaper just made a lot of sense since the master bedroom was on the small side and we needed to make it feel majestic fast. It didn't hurt that this pattern from Hygge&West is beyond mesmerizing with its metallic accents and underwater illustrations. The room took on an aquatic feel and I paired it with a modern abstract blue rug from Loloi Rugs that reminde dme of looking at pool reflections. I brought in more black lighting fixtures to relate to the dining room light and the exterior paint. We had the vintage nightstands custom painted black as well. 


With the intensity of the wallpaper and black lighting fixtures, everything else could be kept really simple and no fuss. A large linen bedframe, a black and white Moroccon blanket, and just a leaning mirror with Paul McCobb chair are all that are needed to complete the room. I couldn't resist a pair of shibori pillows to underscore the water theme.  It has a boutique hotel room feel to it and I adore this bedroom.


In the children's room something really special happened. R is a pilot and he was able to get aerial survey maps to use as custom wallpaper. The contractor painstakingly matched up each map (bless his heart) to create a consistent full scale map that started at LAX behind the door and moved along two walls to reach Indiana at the window. It is truly incredible and photos do not do it justice. I have never seen anything like this before. 


The room sleeps 3 kids as the twin bed actually houses a trundle below. WIth the awesomeness of the wallpaper, we could keep everything else pretty streamlined like the master bedroom.  A cute little propeller based dresser. A neutral black and white scheme. And a rainbow of Bright Lab Lights strung over the crib for color.


If we imagine the master bedroom as water, and the children's bedroom as air, then the guest room is earth. This was the most bohemian and earthy I got in the house. And secretly I know it was R's favorite since he chose to sleep in this room rather than the master bedroom.  Its small, but it is very inviting with all the wood tones, even a wood bead pendant above, and the nice dose of natural light it gets. You see more indigo to give a little contrast to all the woodiness in the African mudcloth we hung as a headboard and the playful Caroline Z. Hurley throw at the foot of the bed.


Some really beautiful details add texture and life to the otherwise minimalist room. It feels very LA to me.

What do you think now that you have taken the full tour? Which are your favorite rooms in the house.