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Santa Monica 3 - The Exterior

The pictures are in for my third project in Santa Monica and I don't know where to start. Amy is so good, its hard to edit it down to 20 or so images that capture the house. So instead I will break it out into a few blog posts to allow me to be generous with the photos without boring you.  Background - the house is a second vacation home to a British pilot. He was only in town for 5 weeks in which we had to develop the design concept, shop our little hearts out, and install everything before he flew back to the UK. Talk about a mad dash but I loved seeing instant results. We will get into that, but first let's start with the outside. 


The house is in a lovely part of Santa Monica right near the airport sitting on a hill which grants spectacular views. It was recently remodeled (not by Veneer) and was a perfect blank slate to get creative on.  It looks pretty large the way it is situated on the incline on the site, but its quite petite inside. A compact 3 bedroom.  There is a small pad outside where we created a little lounge 


You don't need much to enjoy Southern California evenings when you have a view like that. A small outdoor sofa layered with textiles for interest, a fire pit, an Acapulco chair, and string lights. Instant quintessential Cali for a Brit. If you notice the main color scheme is black and white to relate to the house's exterior. And yes those Acapulco chairs are very comfortable.


Attached to the house is a funky little space that we called the Studio.  Its like a sunroom where we imagined people hanging out and listening to music and working from home.  We outfitted this room with some vintage pieces and lots of plants. I would like to see a little jungle in here over time as R brings in more potted plants and they thrive.

There was this one ugly blank wall between 2 doors. We had toyed with the idea of cladding it in salvaged wood but ended up with a much faster and cheaper solution - hanging a large flat weave rug on the wall for texture and interest. Placing two lounge chairs in front of it created an instant mini breakout area. Wouldn't you love to sit there with a friend having a nice chat or solo flipping through a magazine? Its a sweet little spot.

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