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Noteworthy 08

I believe this is the first round up of noteworthy items for 2015. And its already March. Sorreeee. I wait until I get a meaty enough collection to share and here is the my hamburger plate d' jour.

1) The voyeur in me has been waiting for this house tour from A Cup of Jo for a while. Its just as cheerful and bright as I guessed it would be.  When can I come over for a play date?

2) I have been looking at new materials and I must say that charred wood has really captured my attention. Its my new (big) thing.

3) How incredibly special is this animal wallpaper?! I die.

4) I know I should be over it, but I'm still into wall hangings. This design feels less groovy hippy and more modern and architectural to me. 

5) If you can't decide on a wall color, split the difference. Super solution for couples.

6) I am in the midst of designing a 5000 SF office within a warehouse space. I am truly enjoying the creativity this type of project demands, in a different way than designing residential work. One point of reference for me is this office, which happens to be within walking distance of my house. I have admired it ever since it moved in and tried to sneak glimpses inside. Who knew these pictures would come so handy.

7) I have been hearing a lot of buzz about the Ash NYC studio. Now that I have seen their work, I totally get it. Minimalist and controlled, in a pleasing and balanced way.

8) I couldn't believe some of the fab outdoor furniture Pier One is offering this season. On trend and attractive to boot. Color me surprised.

9) My good friend from Boston recently came in for a quick visit over the weekend. We have been getting a lot of East Coast visitors sick of the cold this winter. I thought this guide to LA was well done and I would agree with everything on the list. I would warn you that you would have to rent a car to make it work.

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