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About the House (Downstairs)

Its been a while since I have recorded changes about the house. Things come and things go in small increments until you take a step back and realize they look a little different for someone who hasn't seen our place in a while. 


I'm done with shifting furniture for this place. Its exhausting and I like all the major pieces we have now so they aren't going anywhere. The rugs are what are prone to change. Ilana asked me to bring in a soft rug instead of the kilim and I used that as a valid excuse to go rug hunting again. I liked the tribal Persian we used at Castle Heights so much, I found one for myself. It feels more mature to me and changes the color scheme of our living room significantly.


Also, I realize we are not coffee table people. I have tried 4-5 different styles in this living room and not one has worked for the long run. Either my kids trash it, or its too big, or too heavy, or too low. I am going to keep this space open for running and floor games. The small side table can be pulled up when you need to rest a cup or book. And then easily cleared out for more play.


Check out the amazing new quilt my mother in law made for me. Its made of old denim fabric, cut from jeans she actually wore. I love its utilitarian modern folk look. Priceless. And its goes splendidly with the new rug. I found the pillow for $3. I couldn't believe it myself. Its beautiful an  the colors are just right.

No major changes in the dining room. The table, light, and fixtures are here to stay for the long haul. The gallery wall continues  to grow slowly with  a focus on desert and sea landscapes. Those are my favorite and since its the wall I stare at when I sit to eat, I get to pick the art. Truth be told, the dining table is the command center from where my laptop spends most of its time at these days too. I really want to get a pair of white Panton S chairs for the ends but A is not yet convinced they are a good idea. I'll work on him. I'm also kind of itching to repaint the long gray accent wall. I just don't know what new color that would be except another shade of gray so I wait for inspiration to strike.


Over MLK weekend I repainted our kitchen cabinets. They aren't my favorite, but there is nothing wrong with them either. They came with the house and are built quite solidly, so I will live with them until we move.  I got it into my head that with fresh paint, I would love them. But that didn't happen. It was a lot of work for not a huge reward; I took the doors off the frames, sanded the doors and cleaned the hardware, painted multiple coats, and put it all back together again. I chose Super White for the uppers and Kendall Charcoal for the lowers. It makes a slight difference, not huge. I was thinking of swapping out the hardware for brass but then I thought it would look too blogger 2014 so I stuck with the nickel Euro pull hardware I already had. I will say that the darker lowers are much easier to keep clean. Yay for that. A coat of fresh paint never hurt anyone.

There are some small changes that happened upstairs too. Nothing earth shattering, but worth recording. When I get around to it, I will show you what's happening in the bedrooms too.

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