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Castle Heights - The Dining Room

Moving from the living area is the dining area of the same open space. The dining room had to relate in style to the living room of course - with midcentury tones, walnut wood, and brassy accents. This room was a slam dunk as I already had a clear idea of what the client wanted and how to achieve it - casual and colorful. 

Color was brought in by way of the Eames chairs and the large vintage kilim rug (which also covers much of the wood floors that aren't in the best of shape). The large beach print by Max Wanger instantly infused the space with the laid back feel I was looking for and brought in light blue as an accent color to tie into the silvery grays throughout.  

Upon seeing a pricey brass light fixture the clients were inspired by, I thought of this accessibly priced modern brass fixture by Park Studio LA and I was a hero. PS - nothing looks better with silvery gray than rich brass.

In a small corner we stuck a brass bar cart and stocke dit with vintage bar ware for more color and personality.

The Sienna buffet from Organic Modernism was the piece that bridged the mature living room area with the relaxed and youthful dining area. Midcentury modern design and sexy brass legs provided storage space as well as room for styling on top. Its just missing that one amazing piece of abstract art on the blank wall space above. The search is on.

Something super fun that rarely happens to me was the opportunity to pick out ALL the decor objects and tabletop accessories for the space. My clients wanted pretty things that would add that final finished layer of sparkle and interest but they just didn't want to spend the time on it themselves. I put together a wish list of all the beautiful objects I had been lusting after and pinning for myself one day and they went for it. Too fun. I focused on vintage brassy, modern geometric, and naturally sculptural objects for an overall organic modern look. Just look at these gems.

That's it for the dining room. Easy breezy. Coming up next, the den.

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