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Home Update: The Office

My home office actually does double duty as the playroom for my kids. Truth be told its hard to be inspired and productive with a mess of toys all over the floor. Actually, its hard to feel professional at all and I end up working from the dining table most days. When the living room and dining room got their shiplap upgrade, I was determined to keep the ball rolling to the office down the hall. 


The majority of the bulky plastic toys now live in the kids' bedrooms.  I tidied up and streamlined to create an inviting and more practical space. 


I want to give a shout out to Buddytruk as an app that allowed me to buy this rad Danish bookcase off of Craigslist. It had to go the night I contacted the seller and there was no way for me to get to her with a truck in the time window she gave me. I used the app to get a driver over to her house to pick up the bookcase.  Then drop it off at my house. I paid him digitally. I paid the seller using Googlewallet as soon as it was delivered. Basically I did everything through my iphone and I loved it. 


Another addition is this very large Barcelona style daybed I had recovered in denim. Its a sofa and it can sleep a single visitor overnight. I piled it high with pillows and started a new gallery wall on the wall space above. Can we just look at the before version and appreciate the difference?

My work area is a vintage Danish secretary desk which ended up being a nice match to the Craigslist bookcase I had Buddytruked. I like the drawers below for storage and the roll top desk quickly covers any mess happening on the desk. My little motivational banner from Sugar House Prints sums up how I feel on the regular. She custom printed the quote for me upon request and was as sweet as her shop name would make you think.


I banished most of the toys upstairs but a few stuffed animals and the wooden toys get to stay in baskets. Baskets are a design mom's best friend. They make clean up happen quickly and look chic while doing it. 


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