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Westchester Master Bathroom Remodel

Westchester is a little known enclave on the Westside of LA that is about to blow up because of the recent infusion of dotcoms in the area. Luckily for my good friend, she bought a sick midcentury home there 18 months ago, right before the Silicon Beach boom hit.  Along with her boyfriend, they renovated everything on their own, but by the time they got to the bathrooms they were burned out.  They called on me to get their home to reach that 100% mark and have the bathrooms fit in with the modern style of the rest of the newly remodeled house.

This is the result of a few months of planning and a few weeks of construction. Working with friends is actually more stressful that I thought it would be. I wanted to go the extra mile (and I always go the extra mile so this was the extra extra mile) and make sure everything was perfect. I didn't want to disappoint my friends or have other friends in our extended group judge my finished work when they came to visit. Any tiny glitch became monumental in my head.  But in the end it was worth it. I really love how these bathrooms turned out and that my good friends get to use them every day.


To give you an idea of the layout, here is the rendering. We created what I call a "wet room". A little funky for sure and not for everyone, but it was the right design for this open minded zen loving couple.  No shower door and no separation. Instead, an open concept that takes full advantage of every square foot available. We kept the same plumbing locations, but divisions were taken away.

We used 4 types of tile. A mix of modern grey flooring and green/grey walls and a stunning Japanese porcelain tile for texture and an infusion of global sensibilities.


For the vanity, it had to be a floating cabinet for modern flair but in teak to reference the midcentury notes throughout the house. When you go with a wall mounted vanity, the wall has to be opened and the framing reinforced, then new drywall installed. But I would recommend replacing all the drywall in a bathroom anyway when doing a bathroom remodel to insure moisture protection. 


Check out those built in wood niches.  There is one on each side of the vanity in the same teak wood finish. Beautiful.


Something you may not appreciate but I am totally grateful to the contractor for going above and beyond is the corner tile treatment - each tile was cut at a 45 degree angle at the corners so we could keep the cleanest line possible. No bullnose here. In general, all the tile here was on point. Its all about the details.


Oh, and just so you get an idea of how big an improvement this new design is, take a look at the before pictures.


Just a few more images since this master is too darn pretty.

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