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Shibori Time

I know I'm late on the DIY shibori game but I made up for lost time this past weekend. I have been intrigued by shibori (the Japanese method of tie dye with indigo) for a couple of years and the DIY tutorials seemed easy enough, but I was never motivated to get into it. Until I saw a package of $5 white pillowcases at Ikea and thought "these would be great for trying shibori" and then it snowballed from there. I found the best rated kit on Amazon and with 4 gallons of dye, I went a little wild.

Anything that was white and had justifiably yellowed over time was game. Cloth napkins, pillowcases, tea towels, and an entire sheet set went in.  It was kind of a trial and error type situation where I didn't know what my folds would end up producing. But when it was time to unbind each piece, the results were truly magical.


Here is a snapshot of some of the end results. I think I will do a little more this weekend since the batch of dye keeps for about a week. I thought about producing shibori tea towel and pillowcases as handmade holiday gifts for teachers and friends.  My takeway is that the kit I bought was very good. The blue color comes out saturated and vibrant while not bleeding into the whites. But man it was time consuming and messy. Binding each piece in rubber bands, waiting for the batch of dye to ferment took about an hour. Each dunk takes 15-20 minute sto oxidize and then you are recommended to dunk it in another 1 or 2 times to get that rich dark indigo color. The unbinding, the washing, the clean up. It took hours. I do love the results and will get right back into it again. There's is nothing like the feeling of making something with your hands and being proud of the useful end result. Even if its messy and takes forever.  


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