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Playa Vista - The Children's Spaces

When I tell you that the couple who hired me put their kids' needs above all other priorities, I kid you not. It was very sweet how the children's comfort, enjoyment, and security in the spaces we were creating were the driving force behind every inch of the house. Which meant that when it came to designing the kids' dedicated spaces, we probably spent the most time and attention.


When you first enter the home, the playroom is immediately past the foyer and its a quiet room tucked away from the main living area one floor up. It has its own bathroom and patio access which also makes it the best room to double as a guest room. Unfortunately its not that large so the only way to make it work on both levels was to design a custom Murphy bed on the main wall. Yes, that beautiful wood paneling actually houses a queen size bed.

 Custom cabinetry rendering showing the bed in the open position to guide the cabinet maker in his fabrication.

Custom cabinetry rendering showing the bed in the open position to guide the cabinet maker in his fabrication.


The best way to make use of the wall space and help the room to straddle both kiddie and adult vibes was to build bookshelves to display an array of interesting books and house toys. A mod Acupulco rocking chair was draped in a sheepskin throw and works as an intimate corner for adults to settle in or a cuddly spot to read children's books with the little ones.


Soft textiles and neutral tones kept the room calm. The colorful toys infused it with enough energy in my opinion. An industrial rolling cart was used as toy storage and with a few easy pieces, a play room came to life.


Moving upstairs to the third floor we have the girl's nursery and the toddler boy's room. Gosh I love the energy and creativity that went into these rooms to make for a truly magical experience for these adorable tots.


We went masculine and industrial in the boy's room, as you can see. To store his massive collection of books and toys we utilized the ubiquitous plumbing pipe shelves to create a custom unit that hugged the underside of his window and worked its way up the wall. Easier to reach lower shelves house his favorite books and toys. Higher up are the items he shouldn't be messing with before asking for help.


Doing one accent wall of fauxe concrete wallpaper gave it a subtle industrial warehouse feel and some textured to the otherwise simple space.


But you know, the room still needed something and that was both dark navy duvet and Roman shades as well as a custom salvaged wood headboard. We looked up and down for a cool little boy's bed that wasn't a bazillion dollars. When we couldn't find it, we decided to take this gorgeous carob wood slab, mount it to the wall, and voila a headboard was born.


Oh my, this nursery steals my heart. We basically took every decor element throughout the house and intensified it into the tiniest room.


Indigo accent ---> dip dyed Macrame wall hanging commissioned from Juniper & Fir. African mudcloth ---> Roman shades using the specialty DISC line of textiles. Brass knobs to add bling to the dresser. A gorgeous antique Persian rug. Even an accent Hmong batik fabric pillow. 


Tribal wallpaper by Cavern Home on every wall for this room, because why not?! And the requisite Animal Print shop baby animal prints. 


No spare inch went to waste. We had a unique 28" tall area to place more shelves. When we couldn't find something that fit, Clad Home sold us this display shelving frame and we installed a beautiful chunky light wood shelves on it to create a unique piece.


I seriously can't decide which kid space I love more. Do you have a favorite?

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