Century City Office: Ancillary Spaces

Its not all about the glitz and glam of the office open space. There have to be some more private areas too for intimate conversations or private meetings. For that reason, two smaller ancillary spaces were broken out with glass walls at the far end of the office suite. 


Meeting space A is a small lounge, similar in feel to the central blue lounge area but quieter in tone. A petite sofa and two Hans Wegner bentwood chairs are delineated by the cowhide rug to facilitate the art of the deal. Browns and greys look so manly together, don't you think?


Meeting space B is a conference area with comfortable upholstered chair. And in the corner with the view, a killer Le Corbusier LC3 Arm Chair Leather in white leather and a matte black frame. 


Even the private bathroom got a sheen of cool. An oversized copper mirror, modern matte black chandelier, and amazing graphic hex tiles floor tiles. I thought these were perfect because they remind me of crests or private club logos to subtly instill the elite presence of the firm. Paired with the marble wall tile, its a high low mix I adore.