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Century City Office Suite

In a stroke of good timing and generally good vibes, I had the pleasure of working on the new office suite for the same clients whose home I was designing in Playa Vista. It was interesting to create the more masculine and energetic office environment for the same guy who would be retreating at the end of the day to the relaxed and nurturing spaces of his home. These two projects were the ying and yang to each other: masculine and feminine energies, aggressive and passive energies. This kind of pairing rarely comes along for a designer. 


This suite was really all about the twin blue sofas at the central lounge of the open area.  We wanted it to feel like a boutique hotel and entice the employees to stay longer and hang out. When I started working on his house, his wife pushed her husband to have me add my input. He had started the design process on his own with his executive admin thinking "how hard could it be?". They did a great job ordering some initial pieces but there was too much grey and black. I understood that they wanted to be taken seriously as a real estate advisory firm with  many young employees, but the monochromatic choices were falling in the boring category. We needed to energize the space with their youthful view point. Hello teal blue and brass accents which look seriously fashionable with grey and black midcentury furnishings.


I brought in a little rock and roll via the lighting and rugs. I rejected the expected flourescent strips in leui of designer pendants that hang at different lengths along their grids. And overdyed rugs mixed in with cow hides.


The conference room boasted a large racetrack shaped custom marble conference table and oak wood flooring for an air of an established high end firm, with another designer light pendant for focal interest.


Once a week the firm holds an all hands on deck meeting which means 30+ people squeeze into the conference room. The only way to make this happen was with a custom built perimeter banquet to seat everyone. When not in use, it doubles as an attractive book display.


I'm going to break up the post into the main area and save the ancillary areas for the next post for fear of overwhelming you. I hope you think this is the coolest office you have seen ever.

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