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Ins and Outs in 2015

It seems like every self respecting blog is calling out what will be trendy in 2015 and what is out. I am no fortune teller but I am a good observer so here are the trends that are catching my eye that I will be incorporating into my near future designs. And the trends that have had their day in the sun and I would strongly recommend avoiding in the near future.

Hmong batik and African mud cloth textiles - Ikat is over. For global flavor its Asian hmong and African mud cloth fabrics that are getting popular. Mixing and matching is key along with with bonus points for indigo hues. (sources: 1/2/3/4)

Mixing metals - brass is going strong among the design set but I have very few clients "brave" enough to go there. Chrome is the new cool metal to get for bathroom fixtures, lighting, and kitchen hardware. I wouldn't specify any new fixtures that are brushed nickel, but if you want to mix them in with brass and chrome fixtures you will be good in my book. No matchy matchy. Let's get crazy with our metal mixing in 2015. (sources: 5/6

Rattan - not Golden Girls wicker. More modern shapes with rattan as the material to add natural texture. Warning - don't overdo it. This is an accent only with a chair here, a side table there. Think Franco Albini (sources: 7/8/9)

Palm Fronds - I never got behind the pineapple print craze of last year but this new incarnation of botanical patterns I can see fitting in with the rattan accents already mentioned. A clean graphic version of traditional botanical prints. (sources: 10/11/12/13)

Hamsahs - I have been into hamsahs as protection from the evil eye since I can remember. I love how you can have many design interpretations of the same concept. I like seeing the current crop of hamsah designs in graphics and jewelry. Even when this trend is over, I will still be into it. It has been going strong for 5000 years so why not a few more. (sources: 14/15/16/17)

That was exhausting, huh? A lot of trends to keep up with these days. I will tell you what I will not be scouting or even thinking of using in 2015: anything chevron (paint brush stroke patterns interest me more), espresso wood stains (ash and white oak are the stains I now get excited by), salvaged wood and overly industrial furniture (yet I still like midcentury modern designs). And what about you. What trends are you into and what are you over? 

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