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Wall Weavings for All

Did your parents hang one of these fiber art wall hangings in their psuedo-bohemian late 70s/early 80s house? Was it big, textured, ripe with earth tones and one of your first memories of home decor? Well mine did and at the time I thought what the what is THAT?! But now I am coming around to the modern interpretation of the boho wall weaving, cousin to the macrame wall hanging. I blogged about it here previously and its seems like the niche market has exploded with options for those of us who would like to dabble in the trend.

First up is the DIY version for those that have minimal resources to spend on this trend but lots of crafty time. 1) A Beautiful Mess 2) Honestly WTF  3) DIY Decor Projects 4) Fall for DIY

Or you can leave it to the pros who are churning it stunning modern interpretations. 5) Maryanne Moodie 6) Habit Studio 7) Warped Threads 8) Amber Interiors. 9) If you are short on time and cash then the remaining option is to go vintage, like the affordable weaving I currently have in my shop.

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