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Staged Student Rental

Another SC Student Housing project completed - luxury rentals for students near USC. They just keep getting better and better as my clients are more daring in their design decisions. With my talented friend Amy Bartlam taking her gorgeous photos to truly capture the small space. The cool thing about this little studio is that I was charged with furnishing it too.  We thought it would be too tricky for a student to try to fit in everything they needed. The kitchens and bathrooms are actually well sized, and everything else happens in the main living area.

The sofa was limited to a 5' love seat and the ottomans double as both the coffee table and additional seating. There will be a custom Murphy Bed installed in the next few weeks that will provide a bed, a desk, and bookshelves. The CB2 wardrobe cabinet allows for more clothing storage.

Some more design notes: this was my first time using wood grain porcelain tile. I wanted one material throughout so as not to break up the different areas and make it feel bigger. This tile looks so much like wood up close its insane, yet much more durable in the long run.

I also wanted to try the oversized engineering print method to fill up the wall space. I have seen these selling at $50 price points for original art, to $25 for prints using your own photos. But you know what, I used a photo of palm trees I had taken in Palm Springs and uploaded it to the Staples website for about $7 for a large 36"x48" print. Done. 

I tried to strike a balance between laid back LA style to welcome the student to his/her new city and European minimalism. I hope the student moving in today love sit as much as I do.

Post photo shoot the custom Murphy Bed by Resource Furniture was installed and here are the photos of the unit in the up and down position: desk! bed! storage! that just fit on the wall and floor space.