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Worth Noting 04

We are off to Michigan for a week for a beautiful back yard wedding. I'l leave you with a few thoughts worth noting.

1) huaraches will be my new go to shoe for summer. so bohemian and comfortable.

2) obsessed with this outdoor lounge transformation via Smitten Studio. Her home is literally a few miles away from mine and I am super motivated to possess a back yard this cool one day.

3) another gorgeous back yard inspiration via Free People.

4) an unusually beautiful event flower display. Talk about thinking outside the box.

5) a cool hanging table DIY to try.

6) Not too shabby, Urban Outfitters, not too shabby at all for a woven rug.

7) The calm muted mood of this California home is just right. 

8) Amazing home tour, also a couple of miles away from me. I really must step up my game being in such close proximity to homes with a killer design sense.

9) One more house tour - a flip well done, finally. I have seen so much bad builder special beige awfulness its refreshing to see this masterpiece in Echo Park.

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