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Some projects are a complex endeavor that may span the course of a year or so. They are challenging and rewarding when you walk through the finished space. Others are short and sweet and super satisfying by quickly transforming a plain area and making your client smile. I had the pleasure of working with a cute young couple who just purchased a home in Hancock Park.  They were motivated to outfit their back yard with furniture so they can start using it as an outdoor living area and in anticipation of a Fourth of July party they will be hosting. It wouldn't be summer without a post about patios, right?

2014-06-21 10.54.25.jpg
2014-06-21 10.54.07.jpg
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We chose modern and neutral teak wood furniture for the lounge area, dining table, and chaise loungers. Then I had a little fun collecting vintage Mexican blankets, kilim pillows and a large beautiful kilim rug, a tie dye throw, and pottery for planting succulents in. The idea was to capture the relaxed feeling of a bohemian retreat in the Palm Springs desert or the Southwest in their own back yard. You may think these items are too nice for the outdoors, but the summers  are so dry with zero threat of rain and the textiles hardy enough that they will weather just fine.

2014-06-21 10.56.36.jpg
2014-06-21 11.00.00.jpg
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It was fun and easy and I am in love with the colorful results results.

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2014-06-21 10.58.13.jpg
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