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Tassle Crazy

I have been admiring tassels since I learned how to make my own out of tissue paper last year. There are so many tutorials online like here, here, and here. Easy peezy and when grouped together and hung from a rod, it makes for a decent looking wall hanging. Not exactly macrame, but they fill that string-arty wall void. Do you agree?

After getting my fill of the tissue paper kind and carefully studying others' creations, I decided to try out my own yarn version.  It took a few sessions of crafting while mindlessly watching TV in the background, maybe 4-5 hours total. And a found branch painted white years ago that I repurposed to complete my little wall hanging. Maybe some wood beads and a dip dye are in order, but for now I am giving myself a little pat on the back for being crafty this past weekend.

Next up, a macrame wall hanging? Macrame + tassels = blowing my mind.

Natalie MyersComment