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DIY Concrete Coffee Table

It is a matter of fact that no coffee table is currently safe in my home. We have been through 4 coffee tables in the past 4 years. Upholstered ottoman - destroyed. Glass Noguchi style - scratched. Metal industrial cart - scratched and stained (?!). Wood top - dinged. The latest coffee table is our wood one which is the perfect size and style for our living room and I just couldn't give up on it yet, especially not knowing what to replace it with that would stand the abuse of small children. My temporary solution is concrete refacing. Let me show you how in a few simple steps.

 So easy a child can do it.

So easy a child can do it.

1) Remove table top from base,

2) Sand table top with rough sand paper so concrete mixture has something to stick to.

3) Apply concrete mixture (we used Cement All which is a rapid drying thin set mixture) with a trowel. Four parts cement to one part water.

4) Let dry. Apply another layer or two.

5) Let dry again (as fast a san hour but I let it set overnight) and sand it to a smoother finish.

6) Seal it for a little gloss and protection.

7) Reattach to the base and abuse the heck out of it.

march 029.JPG
 A funky tactile rough and smooth texture on the surface.

A funky tactile rough and smooth texture on the surface.

I don't expect it to last very long before its starts chipping. But this solution will buy me some time to find the "perfect" table or a more hardy wood top, cut to size. I do like the organic meets minimalist look it has going on, that it was a family project. 

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