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Worth Noting 02

Friday already? Sure is. Some note worthy ideas that have been stuck on my mind, in a good way.

notes 2.jpg

1) Earthquake in LA + St.. Patrick's Day this past Monday? Um sure, why not. It will be a while before I forget that. On a lighter note, I wrote about decorating with green over at the Better By Design blog.

2) Homedrawn is the instagram feed of Christina Banos of all the highly coveted designer home goods she would like to have in her home. If you can't afford it, isn't illustrating it the next best thing? Brilliant.

3) Typically I would not describe myself as a Beyonce fan. More of a KCRW type. But her one song Drunk in Love is mesmerizing to me. Its sounds so different than any song I have heard with its mix of hi-low, genre alluding yet explicit sound.  I dig it.

4) This bohemian Venice family featured in Kinfolk is just too effortlessly cool for school. Style jealousy.

5) The order has been placed for this jaw dropping UonUon wood grain graphic ceramic tile on one of my current projects. We'll see the results come July. 

6) There is one massive beachfront house as you walk along the Strand in Manhattan Beach that boggles the mind in its sheer beauty and size compared its very well heeled and well designed neighbors. Every time I walk by I try to figure out who lives there and how it came to be. The mystery lives but at least I found out who the architect is. Michael Eserts is one talented dude.

7) Its nice to know he can do some more humble designs too. Drool.

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