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Bedroom Refresh

January seems to push us to refresh; clean out closets, revamp websites, and update bedrooms. Yes, I painted our bedroom again for the third time in the 4 years we have lived here. Its not that I can't decide, its that its hard to agree as bunkmates about which color we both like in our bedroom. When all else fails, go neutral because the dark teal which was a compromise between the gray I loved and the blue Alec wanted was not working for either of us.

bedroom 034.JPG

It all started shortly after we installed the brass light sconces and the teal started to feel off to me. I painted the room Irish Mist for a brighter neutral space and it was better. But then this new more grown up feeling space was begging for a more grown up bed. We have had the same West Elm frame for years now and I wanted a new one but I had to wait until our cheapo Ikea bed frame in the guest room gave out so I had the excuse to send our bed in there and buy a new one for us. 

bedroom 029.JPG
bedroom 031.JPG

In came the beige tufted head frame and a faux fur throw. The room is different than its former version(s). It reads more girly to me, or at least as girly as this tomboy will ever get, but also more mature. 

bedroom 082.JPG

Other bits and bobs worth noting are the skull bank I recently procured. I'm into skulls lately, but not in a gothic or Halloween kind of way. More like a trancendental philosophical way. Its a phase.

bedroom 015.JPG

Also, super happy with my recent Craigslist find. It fills up this dead corner quite nicely. We have tried everything in here; chairs, plants, poufs, and finally a perfect fit like Cinderella's slipper.

bedroom 006.JPG

And just for fun, here are the recent versions of the same space. All good in their own way, but this is the winner for the time being.

5833 Bowcroft 011.JPG

I enjoyed Dark Granite but Alec felt depressed living this room.

bedroom 02.JPG

Solitude was a pretty color, but when you compromise no one wins.

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