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Back from the Desert

Happy Friday all. Having just returned from a mini break in the desert I feel like I am playing catch up while everyone else winds down.  I have more blog posts I plan to share with you, but for now a recap of our desert escape.

desert 031.JPG
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The idea was to tie in an intergenerational camping trip with Modernism week in Palm Springs. We did indeed rent camper vans from Escape Campervans and spent 2 nights in Desert Hot Springs and 1 in Joshua Tree roughing it. The camper vans came equipped with all the gear we needed which was a low stress way to ease into it, but to be honest I was not psyched about sleeping in the back of a van at night. I felt more like a homeless person than someone communing with nature. Boo hoo. We did get a lot of positive attention from fellow campers for the hand painted murals on the side of the vans.

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To balance out the camping, I insisted we stay at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and spend a few days partaking in the lux accommodations, the loungey pool scene and some of the Modernism Week events that were going on about the town. The hotel grounds are always relaxing and inspiring to me, making me feel like a hippy living on some sort of artful commune, the people hanging around very friendly, and there seemed to be a ton of kids this time. This hotel is seriously one of my happy places and always a good time.

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My kids loved it and it was hard to leave, but we squeezed in a little more adventure in nearby Joshua Tree. Who could resist all those gorgeous rock formations? Scrambling up and around the large rocks and hiking through the valley was fun for all. We really went all out camping in Jumbo Rocks, a pristine site, with no running water or electricity our last night. A very memorable trip and a good recharge.

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Oh, and don't forget the date shakes. So good.

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