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Noteworthy 07

I have been feeling some stress the last few weeks. I know I spread myself a little thin between taking on one too many projects, but that's honestly the mode I operate best in. There's mommy duties and holiday planning. The dread of the impending 2 week holiday break and how will I keep the kids busy?  And a little real estate legal issue that we got dragged into unjustly. We took every precaution to avoid the exact situation we have found ourselves in and that's pretty distressing. It turns out that people have zero integrity in their business dealings and that's even more distressing. We will sort it all out, but its hard not to constantly think about it. 

On a sunny note I somehow found myself with every to do item on my week's list crossed off before noon and I was delighted to carve out a little time to post another noteworthy collection. Happy Friday indeed people and happy holiday season.

1) A new construction LA house that is truly inspiring. It illustrates that if you save, plan, and design well your dream house is in reach. Once we sort through our legal issues, I hope for this to be our reality one day. A girl can dream.

2) I was happy to procure this delicious vintage leather Percival Lafer lounge chair for my good friend and soon to be client. He has an ah-maz-ing modern industrial Japanese zen house that just needs a few small touches of warmth and this chair will greatly help matters.

3) Thinking about holiday tables and helping a client sort hers out. This modern organic Thanksgiving tablescape arrangement was a good source of inspiration.

4) Our office/playroom is going through another redecorating. I was only happy with it for one minute and now it seems off again to me. This is ongoing theme here and the guest room of my house. Anyway, its not quite done but I did make this modern dream catcher with my own two hands and I am happy with the way it turned out. Super easy. 

5) I am working on a Happy Camper in Joshua Tree themed nursery and this photo captures the vibe I want. Click through for the full house tour. One of my favorites.

6) Along with the nursery, a loungey living room is being developed. 

7) This to die for handmade planter - perfect for any room in any house.

8) Attention any Secret Santas who are searching for that last minute gift for me: this minimalist necklace is on the top of my wish list. Or this infinity necklace, this ring (size 4), or the dagger necklace. Seriously, I'm not kidding.

9) The Encino Lake house is getting close to completion. A fugly Tudor is slowly becoming the modern family home it was yearning to be. Very slowly. Its been 18 months already and due to many factors its taken that long to get to a place where we are installing finishes. Tile floor is down, custom cabinetry has been installed, and now we finally chose the interior paint colors and some new furnishings. Very satisfying and I can't wait for my clients to move in. In another 2 months or so? 

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