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Holiday Gift Guide

It seems a tad early to start a collection of gift ideas, but you know those holidays will be here before you know it and you do not want to be running to CVS to get a teacher, hostess, or secret Santa gift. I think getting big gifts for your dearest is easy, but its harder to find special and useful gifts in the $25-$50 range. My philosophy about buying gifts for others is that if I would truly like it for myself, they will probably like it too. I do get in trouble with a "one for you, one for me" motto (hint hint loved ones). But here is a start that will hopefully help you as you start scouting gifts.

  1. Unison pot holder - for only $7, this graphic potholder is a super cool addition to any kitchen related gift.
  2. Food 52 egg separator - have you ever seen an egg separator so elegant? I mean, seriously! This is a sculptural and practical object that is obscenely good for $25.
  3. Food 52 brass coasters - there are so many beautiful kitchen objects on this site and here is amnother example of an on trend geometric and brass coaster set. 
  4. Chemex coffee maker - a classic. Paired with gourmet coffee grounds for a very welcome gift.
  5. A+R corky carafe - coffee and tea are a breeze for me, but drinking water throughout the day is a chore. I actually ordered this for myself to try to motivate me. I think on a table top, bedside, or at arm's reach of the PC it would look enticing.
  6. Holly Mueller Home constellation dish towel - I love this practical and personal dish towel for $16.
  7. Tiny Armour arc earrings - you cannot go wrong with sparkley jewelry and I could do a whole list of pretty shiny things I covet, but it is hard to find something that doesn't look chintzy for under $50. These are so pretty. 
  8. Coriumi leather pouch - A leather pouch is really helpful for organizing within a bigger purse and this one looks much higher end than its $30 price tag.
  9. Jerusalem cook book - a fitting Channukah gift but actually an inspiring cook book for any foodie this season, with cross cultural recipes and sumptious photography.
  10. Veak Ceramics floating planter - a little bohemian, a little green, a lot earthy and unique. 
  11. art print - how cute and funny for a certain friend with a good sense of humour, and style.
  12. Mudpuppy Hamsa - protection from the evil eye in the form of an artful ceramic decor amulet will make for an unforgettable gift.
  13. Kinivo mini portable speaker - this is about as techy as I get. I get overwhelmed with choices and how expensive gadgets can be. We have this at home for instant dance parties when we listen to new songs on the iphone or watch music videos on the ipad. Its little and cute, easy to plug in and work, durable, and at $19 a fun gizmo that I don't mind my kids pawing.
  14. Think and Ink Studio mouse pad - it may seem like a boring idea, but nothing is boring about this black and gold mouse pad that will dress up the work area and make the gift receiver smile every day.
  15. Gizmo Gadgets ipad case - having recently recovered from a shattered ipad screen, this is more of a priority than pretty shiny things. I love the rugged leather, so me yet rustic enough for a dude.

Don't forget to make the bulk of your purchases Black Friday-Cyber Monday. I am astounded year after year by how much savings are to be had online at that time. Having a list ready to go makes holiday shopping/bargain hunting easier and actually enjoyable. Happy shopping.

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