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Looking Good in Castle Heights

First thing's first, out of no where I was included in around up of 50 top Instagram moms by which totally made my not so great day a lot better. Second thing is things are starting to look really good in Castle Heights.

Castle Heights - Living Room.jpg

An energetic couple who had just bought a cute 2 bedroom cottage and are expecting a little one come February contacted me. They were eager to make their little box feel more like them, which turns out to be very me. A good dose of mid-century modern vintage, infused with ethnic textiles and garnished with minimalist modern design touches. And brass, requests for brass were put in. Awesome.

In a week I put these design boards together expecting revisions and changes. Nope, its all good to go so we are in a buying frenzy trying to get our hands on all the goodies you see and get them all installed pronto. The quicker the better which is how I love to work.

Our favorite room may turn out to be the nursery. All three of us are getting really jazzed about the subtley Safari theme we are developing. Its going to be earthy, sweet, and stylish. I think we are only a few short weeks from being complete.

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